You can now schedule, enable, and disable pipelines for ultimate control of your data.

Today, we announced two brand new features that allow you to schedule, enable, and disable pipelines for a set period of time.

Each pipeline created inside a project is a simple data workflow that is constantly extracting data from a source, processing it by an operator, and sending the outcome to a business application. Consider how a production line works, but instead of tangible products, we are processing your data to get a workable outcome.

Until now, pipelines ran daily by default. Meaning its outcome was pushed out to an app every day. But what about scheduling when your pipeline should run? Or, how about enabling or disabling it?


With this release, you can now schedule your pipeline to run on a set period of time, such as weekly, monthly, and more. So apart from the previous choices to Run and Save it, you are now able to Schedule it as well.

With this new feature, we are modifying our UX as well. To run, schedule, or run your pipeline you must now hit the + button at the bottom of the screen.

A data pipeline example


This feature allows you to enable a saved pipeline so it runs immediately and to disable it from running. If the ladder is chosen, your pipeline will complete its latest cycle to disable itself.

A data pipeline dashboard