There’s several code completion tools in the Market like GitHub Copilot and GhostWriter by Replit. They are great tools that have helped developers worldwide. Now, these tools have focused on developing back end and front end for web or mobile apps. But what about Data Science? We think there’s a huge opportunity in the market to help data professionals do their job better and faster.

Introducing Jedi - the VSCode IDE embedded in Datagran with AI-powered autocompletion. This game-changing feature allows users with limited knowledge in data science to easily build and deploy any type of machine learning model.

With Jedi, users can access the power of machine learning without needing extensive coding experience. Simply use the auto-completion feature to quickly and easily build your model, and deploy it directly from the platform.

This is a big deal for anyone looking to get started with machine learning, as it eliminates the steep learning curve and makes it easier than ever to create and deploy powerful models. Plus, with the convenience of having everything in one platform, you can go from idea to deployment in no time.

The democratization of machine learning is a game-changing development that allows anyone, regardless of their coding experience, to access the power of this technology. This is extremely valuable because it eliminates the steep learning curve and makes it easy for anyone to build and deploy their own machine learning models.

With the shortage of skilled data scientists and the increasing demand for machine learning expertise, this is more important than ever. By making machine learning more accessible, we can open up new opportunities for people from diverse backgrounds to participate in this field and create innovative solutions.

Try out Jedi for FREE and see for yourself the power of AI-powered autocompletion. Full video demo here.

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PS: Wondering who is the girl in the image? Watch the video for more.