Under a perfect weather SaaStr Annual 2021, we kicked off sponsoring the conference- a three-day marathon of cloud and SaaS companies, gathered in San Mateo, California to showcase their products. Here's a round-up in case you missed it over at Instagram or Twitter.

With around 5,000 companies, founders and VC's gathered around, SaaStr powered through 3 full days, of 100’s of workshops, and 1000s of Mentoring sessions.

Datagran, one of the events sponsors, provided free North Face jackets to attendees who would be willing to face the challenge of building a data model during the event.

Founders, data scientists and analysts kicked off the contest to take up the challenge. The goal was for them to build the data pipeline within our demo project.

The went on with afternoon happy hours where we discussed opportunities for companies to scale their data initiatives using Datagran.

Take a look at a recap of SaaStr Annual 2021.