Having a resource bank of webinars, examples and how-to's has proven a huge asset to begin working with AI. Today we are beyond excited to announce the ML No Code Academy 101– a resource center with useful tutorials, webinars, pro tips and tricks made by our team.

Usually, we prefer sticking to bite-sized content, but because AI is such an extensive and rather new subject for many, we took it a little further by creating webinars. Watch our CEO, CTO and other members of our team walk you through specific situations, tools, terminology and more, while keeping it casual and easy to digest.

Here is a list of our first webinars:

A reinforcement learning example
A data science workflow diagram
A linear regression example
A logistics regression example

For a full list of webinars, tutorials and resources, head over to our official Academy center here.

Where do you learn about AI, ML and Deep Learning? Share your favorite sources of inspiration and ideas on Twitter, and we’ll begin creating a resource center where we all contribute.